Tuesday, August 21, 2012

lesson learned (1)

Being at home is all I want lately and finally I'm home for a week ..
Being away from home is already a routine of my life, forming new families to fill the emptiness and solitude, sharing happiness and grief ,help each others, love each others and many bittersweet's things. It is all my pleasure for being away from home, I've learned so many lessons recently, I learned how to respects each others deeply, I learned how to give compliment for those who ONLY really deserved it, I learned not to hurt others , I learned how to cry on the happiness, I learned how to smile in the middle of madness and sadness and many other lesson learned. Without realizing it, what I've learned is that the values ​​taught by my parents over the years. Somehow we are as children realize the important things taught by our parents only when we had just passed. Too sad to be real , eh?? but it's good when we realize em' soon then never.

So far I am grateful to who I am now, though sometimes I question my presence in the middle of many great peoples. but anyway I will always be grateful for all the things I already have, will have and don't have.

Lesson Learned for being away from home :
"When noble values and behaviors that are taught starting to fade, it's time to fly back to the place where noble values and behaviors be taught, called HOME" -R-

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